You are never satisfied with the status quo. The thought of possibilities enthral you to keep going, charging you in a forward motion as you seek out like minds to share in your passion. You are always on a journey of self- discovery; a combination of curious, intelligent and hopeful. Hopeful that your best adventures are still on the way as you continue to seek the unknown. Your gift is your ambition and the truth you hold in your soul. Let our clothes journey with you as you take your next bold step. Where will your journey take you?


At KHAPHILA we believe there is only one way to live and that’s the bold and courageous way. At our core is a desire to explore our world and empower a world of women to do the same. We create unlikely adventure buddies with fabrics as we merge unexpected fabric blends to create an eclectic display of beautifully crafted garments that make the statements we think need to be made and you can do the same too.

KHAPHILA is an adaptation of an ancient name which means caravan or traveller in the Indian subcontinent and the Arab world. We live by our name so we promise to never settle for the mundane, rather our journeys will take us from the boisterous cities of the African continent to the fashion capitals of the west. We take a little bit from here and there to create and walk a new road mostly unknown but exciting. It’s this energy we bring into our creations. Using, the African wax print embedded into linen, wool and cotton and sometimes just by itself, we create a whole new experience. Our desire is to use our outfits to command the momentum you need as your outward confidence collaborates with your internal belief in telling the world you belong here.

Come along with us on our journey.